How to setup up your HOA online with RunHOA?

RunHOA Setup

With the pandemic, the cloud is quickly becoming the preferred infrastructure for companies in many industries. Moving to the cloud is usually done in stages, and there are specific steps that every business should take into account. But with RunHOA , moving your HOA is simple and quick.

RunHOA has specially designed a powerful system to get your Home Owner Association on the cloud. The entire process from getting your directory online, collecting dues, setting up the financials, creating your website etc should not take more than a day.

Here are 12 steps that are required to get your HOA to the cloud successfully.

Step 1: Build your HOA Directory

Get your list of units and start by creating your Units Directory

After the Units Directory is setup, enter the Owners for these HOA Units

Set up your Board/Officers Directory and if applicable Committee Directory in the Directory module

Step 2: Create your HOA Website

You can get your website up and running with the Website Builder in a few minutes.

Step 3: Add Users and Security Roles

Decide who will be assigned to what task in RunHOA and accordingly create the Security Roles.

Create the Users and assign the Security Roles to them.

Step 4: Enter your HOA events in the Calendar

Setup up your Calendar Events for the year for your HOA.

Step 5: Setup your Vendors Information

Setup your Vendors Information.

Step 6: Setup your Dues Collection Process

Start the HOA Dues Collection process by setting up the HOA Fees. Prior to that setup your Stripe Account.

Step 7: Setup your Financials

The Treasurer can start setting up the Chart of Accounts with the Finance Manager.

Step 8: Setup your Signup Forms

If you have a HOA Community event coming up and want residents to sign up or volunteer for the event , you can create a Online Signup Form and distribute it via URL links using email/text or embed it on the Website.

Step 9: Setup E-Voting for your HOA

If you want E-Voting for your HOA, create a ballot with E-Voting Setup 

Step 10: Upload your Documents

The Document Administrator can start the upload for Newsletters, Meeting Minutes and Governing Documents

Step 11: Check out the Workflow processes

Check out the Request Approval Process and the Violations Reporting Process and the Expense Reporting Process

Step 12: Inform all your Membership

Take a look on how to use Email Blast

In Conclusion

Migrating to the cloud with RunHOA can be one of the best decisions your Home Owner Association will ever make. From increased efficiency and less downtime, to improved security and load balancing — the benefits of implementing a cloud infrastructure for your HOA seems limitless.

If you’re considering moving your Home Owner Association to the cloud, why not get in touch with RunHOA? We understand that every HOA is unique, and we don’t speak geek! 

Check out the Demo Account here

Check out the RunHOA Video

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