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Violation Form Process

RunHOA simplifies the process of managing and resolving violations within a Homeowners Association (HOA). The system streamlines communication between residents and the HOA board, ensuring a clear and efficient workflow for reporting, reviewing, and resolving violations. This guide provides an overview of the steps involved in the violation reporting process using RunHOA.

Process Steps

  • Residents can report a violation by filling out the ‘Violation Form’ available on the RunHOA platform. They must provide details such as their unit address, type of violation, and a description. Additionally, residents can attach files or images to support their claim.

  • Once submitted, the ‘Violation Form’ is received by the HOA Board/Committee. They can access the form through the ‘Violation Admin‘ section of RunHOA.
  • The received ‘Violation Form’ will be in a Not Resolved default.

3. Review and Action by HOA Board/Committee

  • The HOA Board/Committee reviews the submitted form, evaluates the violation, and decides on the necessary action. The review process includes verification of the details provided and assessment of the attached evidence.

  • After reviewing, the HOA Board updates the status of the violation to ‘In Review,’ ‘Open,’ or ‘Closed’ and can also mark it as ‘Resolved’ or ‘Unresolved.’ The board can set a due date for resolution and add notes for internal use.

5. Notification to the Submitter

  • The resident who reported the violation receives a notification once the issue is resolved. This notification includes the resolution status and any relevant details or follow-up actions required.

  • All violations and actions taken are logged within RunHOA, providing a historical record and allowing for the generation of analytical reports. These reports help in understanding patterns and frequencies of violations within the HOA.

In Conclusion

RunHOA’s violation management workflow provides a systematic approach for HOA owners to report issues, for the HOA Board to take action, and for all parties to stay informed throughout the process. The platform’s analytical tools also offer insights that can be used to improve the living experience within the community.

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HOA Violations reporting is a feature of RunHOA by CloudInfoSystems

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