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This guide provides instructions on how to manage homeowner information within your HOA. Properly maintaining owner records is essential for an organized and up-to-date directory.

  • From the main dashboard, click on the ‘Directory’ menu.
  • Under this menu, select ‘Owners’ to access the homeowner information.

Viewing Homeowner List

  • A list of units along with their respective owners’ names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers will be displayed.
  • Use the ‘Quick search’ feature to locate specific owners or navigate through the list using the pagination controls at the bottom.

Adding a New Homeowner

  • Click on the ‘+ Add New Owner’ button to enter a new homeowner into the system.
  • Fill in the details of the homeowner:
    • ‘Unit Title’: the name or identifier of the property.
    • ‘1st Owner Name’ and ‘2nd Owner Name’: full names of the property owners.
    • ‘E-Mail’ and ‘Phone’: contact details for each owner.
    • Set the ‘Status’ to indicate the current ownership status (e.g., ‘Active Owner’, ‘Pending Ownership Transfer’, etc.).

  • To update an owner’s information, click on the edit icon (pencil) next to the owner’s entry.
  • Make the required changes in the respective fields.

  • Click ‘Save’ to update the homeowner’s details.
  • To remove a homeowner from the directory, click ‘Delete’.

  • The ‘Filter’ option can be used to display only specific entries based on criteria.
  • ‘Display/Print’ provides options to output the information in various formats.

  • Regular verification of contact details ensures efficient communication with homeowners.
  • Keep the ownership status updated to reflect any changes in property ownership accurately.
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