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Click on Setup Admin and then Users

Once you have a list of the users who will be doing the various tasks in RunHOA, you can create the users accordingly. You can set up as many users you want in RunHOA. You can also have more than 1 user as administrator.

  • Click on Add New to create a new user.
  • Enter the Username, Password, Name and Email of the user.
  • Set the User to Active.
  • Set the User to Administrator if you want the user to have full access to RunHOA.
  • If the user is to have restricted privileges, then assign a role to the user with the limited privileges. You need to create the roles in the Create Security Roles module.

Let’s say you have the following users assigned to the following committees.

John Ford is the directory administrator.
Ken D’Souza is the treasurer
Sheila Nicholas is in charge of the website.

Below is John Ford set up as Directory Administrator

Below is Ken D’Souza set up as a Treasurer

Below is Sheila Nicholas set up as a Webmaster

After you create a new user , you can click on Send Email reminding the user that their User Id and Password is created.

The User will receive a email telling them a email is created with their user id and password. They can use Change Password after they log on to the module to change the password assigned to them

Here’s a example of the email a user will receive for your Administrator.

Making Users Non Active

If you want to prevent a user from User from accessing RunHOA you can make them Non Active or Delete the User

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