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Create Users

This section guides you through the process of adding a new user to your HOA, Follow the steps below to ensure the user is added correctly and has the appropriate level of access.

Accessing User Management

Navigate to the Administation/Users on your RunHOA dashboard.

After determining which individuals will be responsible for specific tasks within RunHOA, you are ready to proceed with setting up their user accounts. RunHOA allows for the creation of an unlimited number of user profiles. Additionally, it is possible to designate multiple users with administrative privileges.. Click on Add New to create a new user.

  1. Filling User Details:
    • User Id: Enter a unique identifier for the user, such as ‘snicholas’ for Sheila Nicholas.
    • Name: Type in the full name of the user.
    • E-mail: Provide the user’s email address. This will be used for all communications and notifications.
  2. Setting User Status:
    • Active: Select ‘Yes’ if the user should have immediate access to the system; choose ‘No’ if the account should remain inactive for the time being.
  3. Assigning Roles:
    • Administrator: Determine if the user should have administrative privileges. Select ‘Yes’ for admins with full system access, or ‘No’ for standard users.
    • Security Role: For non-administrators, assign a security role from the dropdown menu, such as ‘Webmaster’. This defines the user’s permissions within the system. You need to create the roles in the Create Security Roles module.
  4. Saving the User Profile:
    • After filling in all the details, click on the ‘Save‘ button to create the user account.
    • If you need to remove all entered data and start over, click on the ‘Delete‘ button.
  5. Additional Options:
    • Use the ‘Back’ button to return to the previous screen without saving.
    • To send an email to the user, click on the ‘Send Email‘ button after saving their profile.


  • Ensure that email addresses are entered correctly to avoid communication issues.
  • Regularly review and update user access levels to maintain system security.

User Examples

Suppose the following individuals have been allocated roles within certain committees:

  • John Smith has been appointed as the directory administrator.
  • Ken D’Souza has taken on the role of treasurer.
  • Sheila Nicholas has the responsibility of managing the website.

Here is how John Smith has been configured as the Directory Administrator.

Here is how Ken D’Souza has been configured as the Treasurer.

Here is how Sheila Nicholas has been configured as the Webmaster.

Send Email Feature

Once a new user account is established, you have the option to notify the user by clicking on ‘Send Email’. This will send them a message informing them that their User ID and password have been set up.

The user will then receive an email notification indicating that an account has been created for them, including their User ID and a temporary password. Upon their first login to the module, they will have the ability to update their password by selecting the ‘Change Password’ feature.

Deactivating Users

To restrict a user’s access to RunHOA, you can either set their account to Non Active status or completely remove their user profile.

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