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Expense Form Approval Process

RunHOA provides a comprehensive platform for HOA committee members and volunteers to submit expenses for reimbursement. The system ensures a smooth and traceable process from submission to final approval and payment, including an option to print checks directly from the application. Here’s how the expense reimbursement process works in RunHOA.

Process Steps

  • Committee members or volunteers submit an ‘Expense Form’ via RunHOA, detailing the expense, the amount, and attaching any necessary receipts. This form is accessible through the RunHOA dashboard under the ‘Forms’ section.

2. Treasurer Notification

  • Upon submission, the HOA Treasurer is automatically notified that an expense report is pending approval. This alert can come through an automated email or a notification within the RunHOA system.

3. Treasurer Review

  • The Treasurer reviews the submitted Expense Form, ensuring that all details are accurate and that electronic receipts are attached. The review is vital to verify the legitimacy of the expense.

4. Treasurer Approval

  • After review, the Treasurer approves the expense. Approval includes recording the check number and posting the expense to the appropriate account category, which can be done directly within the RunHOA platform.

5. Expense Posting and Check Preparation

  • Once the expense report is approved, it is posted to the HOA’s financial records. If the HOA uses preprinted check stock, RunHOA’s Check Printing feature allows the Treasurer to print checks directly.

  • All expenses are recorded in the ‘Expense Log,’ which can be filtered and searched for auditing and tracking purposes. This log shows the committee, submission dates, amounts, and the statuses of each expense.

RunHOA’s expense reimbursement process provides a clear and accountable method for committee members and volunteers to be reimbursed for expenses. It ensures that all transactions are reviewed, approved, and recorded systematically, allowing for transparent financial management within the HOA. The integration of expense reporting, approval, and payment in one platform streamlines the workflow and reduces the administrative burden on the HOA staff.

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