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Create Fees

RunHOA allows HOAs to set up various fee categories like Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual, or Special Fees. You can customize due dates, late fees, and discounts according to your HOA’s policies.

Accessing Create Fees

  • Navigate to ‘Create Fees‘ under ‘HOA Dues‘.

Creating and Managing Fees

  • To add a fee, click ‘+ New Fee’. To modify an existing fee, click the pencil icon.

Provide the Fee Details

  • Description: Clarify what the fee is for (e.g., HOA 2020 Annual Fees, HOA 2020 Quarterly Fees, Special Fee etc).
  • Fee: The amount to be charged.
  • Invoice Date: The date when the fee is issued.
  • Due Date: When the fee is due.
  • Late Fee and Date: Additional charges if payment is past due and the date they apply.
  • Discount: Any early payment incentives.
  • Discount By Date: The cut-off date for discounts.
  • Income Account: Assign the fee to an income account for payment tracking.
  • Click ‘Save‘ to confirm or ‘Delete‘ to remove a fee.
  • Note: Changes to fees already applied to units are restricted.
  • Re-run the ‘Apply Fees’ process after the late or discount date to update charges.

Check out the Demo Account here

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