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Store and Share Newsletters


The Newsletter section in RunPTO is a centralized hub where HOA administrators can upload and manage their monthly or periodic newsletters. This feature allows for the distribution of important information, updates, and upcoming events to all association members.

  1. Select ‘Newsletter’ from the ‘Resources’ menu.
  2. Click ‘Add Newsletters’ to upload a new document.
  3. In the ‘Description’ field, enter details like “Month Year Newsletter – Demo Valley HOA”.
  4. Attach the newsletter file by clicking ‘Add files’.
  5. Click ‘Start Upload’ to upload the document.
  6. Set the ‘Display Position’ to order the newsletters as preferred.
  7. Click ‘Save’ to preserve the new entry.

  • Click the pencil icon next to a newsletter to edit.
  • Update any information or replace the file as needed.
  • Save changes to update the record.

  • Members can view and access published newsletters, ordered by the specified display position.
  • Administrators can link to newsletters for easy access or embed them into the HOA’s website.

Remember to ensure that only the final versions of newsletters are uploaded to avoid sharing outdated information with the community.

You can also create links for the Newsletters and embed it on your website or distribute it for sharing among your members

Demo PTO Newsletter Link

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