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Store and Share Meeting Minutes


RunHOA provides a dedicated section for storing and managing meeting minutes, essential for maintaining organized and accessible records of HOA meetings.

  1. Click ‘Meeting Minutes’ under the Resources section.

  1. To add meeting minutes, click on ‘Add Meeting Minutes’.
  2. On the new screen, provide a description for easy identification.
  3. Use the ‘Add files’ button to upload the minutes document (PDF format recommended).
  4. ‘Start upload’ will save the document to the system.
  5. ‘Display Position’ can be used to order the documents as needed.
  6. Once uploaded, the document appears in the list with an option to download for review.
  7. The editing icon allows for updating meeting descriptions or replacing documents.
  8. Use ‘Save’ to confirm any changes, or ‘Delete’ to remove the entry.

  • Users without administrative rights will see the documents in the assigned display order.
  • Clicking on the Meeting Minutes icon will display the document.
  • Documents can be distributed via URL Links or QR Codes or embedded on the website.

Note: Always ensure that the most updated versions of the documents are uploaded for accuracy and compliance.

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