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Request Form Process

Residents can submit various types of change requests via RunHOA for their property. This module allows for the detailing of the request, attachment of relevant files, and tracking through approval stages.

1. HOA Owner Submits a Request

  • Select your unit from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose ‘Architectural’ as the Request Type.
  • Provide a detailed Description of your request, such as adding a sunroom.
  • Attach files, such as plans or diagrams, by clicking ‘Add files’ and ‘Start upload’.
  • Submit the form for review.

2. HOA Board/Committee receives the Request

  • The HOA board receives submissions.

3. HOA Board/Committee reviews the Request.

  • The HOA board reviews submissions.

4. HOA Board/Committee approves or denies the Request

  • The HOA board reviews submissions, updates the status, and can approve or reject the request.

5. HOA Owner gets the notification

Residents and the HOA board can view and manage these requests through the ‘Log’ section, ensuring transparency and efficient communication.

In Conclusion

  • RunHOA allows you to have a workflow for the submission of request forms for your HOA Owners.
  • The HOA Board/Committee can approve or deny the request online
  • Analytical Reports for the HOA Requests received.

Check out the Demo Account here

HOA Requests and Approvals is a feature of RunHOA by CloudInfoSystems

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