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HOA Management System: Why RunHOA is the Best HOA Software?

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HOA Management

In this era of rapid technological advancement, streamlining and improving processes can be achieved while simultaneously increasing speed and ease of use. The impact of technology on our communities is profound, often being the pivotal factor in their success or failure. Home Owners  Associations (HOA) are no exception, and adopting modern HOA Management System technology is crucial for seamless operations and enhanced member engagement within these communities.

Responding to the demands of a post-COVID-19 world, where tablets, smartphones, and social media dominate, has innovated to offer more efficient, cost-effective, and secure online management solutions for HOAs. Our state-of-the-art HOA Management System is tailored for self-managed associations and association managers overseeing multiple associations, enabling them to meet their goals with greater ease, speed, and excellence at a substantially lower cost.

Empowering Key HOA Stakeholders: Homeowners, Board Members, and Managers

Homeowners, HOA Board Members/Officers, and HOA Association Managers form the cornerstone of an HOA community. Here’s a breakdown of the advantages that RunHOA, as their chosen HOA management system, brings to each of these key groups


HOA Owners, HOA Board Members, HOA Managers

Here are 16 powerful features of RunHOA which is a must have for a HOA Management System

1. Comprehensive HOA Directories

Every HOA has to maintain information about their Units, Owners, Board/Officers, Committees and Vendors. With RunHOA’s advanced HOA management software, they no longer have to maintain the data in cumbersome spreadsheets or disconnected database systems. Now they can choose to maintain the data online so they can easily update it and most of all, making sure that all data in that directory is safe and secure. Post Covid-19, HOAs want to have a paperless environment not only to save money but for safety too.  Communication & collection of dues with HOA members becomes extremely easy with these directories at hand.

HOA Directories
HOA Directories

2. Efficient HOA Dues Collection

Say goodbye to the hassle of sending paper coupon books. Members can check their invoices and pay their HOA dues online in their own HOA Member Portal.

HOA Dues Collection
HOA Dues Collection Process

3. Simplified HOA Accounting & Budgeting

One of the things that made sure is for people to easily understand our HOA accounting system.  Our advanced HOA Accounting Software was designed for HOA organizations to the point that any volunteer can work on it. You can also have easy access to all the financial reports, graphs and even has a dashboard for your treasurer.

HOA Accounting Software
HOA Accounting Software

4. Online Architectural/Landscape Requests

Members can send a HOA Architectural/Landscape requests online and the board can approve it online, no need for all the hassle that comes with the traditional way of doing it.

HOA Maintainence Requests
HOA Maintainence Requests and Approvals

5. Intuitive HOA Website Builder

Build and publish your desktop/tablet/mobile friendly HOA website in minutes using RunHOA’s powerful HOA website builder.

HOA Website Management
HOA Website Management

6. Secure HOA Documents Storage

You can store and distribute various types of HOA Documents. In a Homeowners Association (HOA), managing and safeguarding documents is a critical responsibility that demands both security and accessibility. Secure HOA document storage systems are the cornerstone for efficient association management, providing a centralized repository for all HOA Documents. These systems ensure that documents such as HOA meeting minutes, HOA Newsletters, HOA policy updates, and HOA governing documents are securely stored and easily accessible to authorized members.

HOA Document Management
HOA Document Management

7. E-Voting for Secure Elections

RunHOA allows your HOA Membership to securely vote in the HOA elections.

HOA Election Framework
HOA Election Framework

8. Customizable Signup Forms

You can design professional looking forms with RunHOA’s Signup Form Builder within minutes. These custom smart forms can be used for various HOA Surveys, Volunteer Forms & Document E-Signatures.

HOA Signup Forms
HOA Signup Forms

9. Streamlined Expense Forms

Every HOA is likely have some sort of HOA expense form reimbursement process in place. If that process involves strings of emails or (even less efficient) paper forms with attached receipts, there’s a better way with RunHOA!

HOA Expense Reimbursement Process
HOA Expense Reimbursement Process

10. Online Violation Management

In every HOA, there will be homeowners who break the rules accidentally or intentionally. That’s why HOA boards must take non-compliance seriously when they are reported. At the first sign of offense, they must send an HOA violation letter to remind a homeowner of his obligations to the HOA. RunHOA allows an online process for dealing with these violations.

HOA Violation Resolution Process
HOA Violation Resolution Process

11. Robust HOA Communications

RunHOA’s robust & reliable email platform keeps residents, board members & property managers informed.

HOA Communications
HOA Communications

12. Interactive HOA Calendar

RunHOA’s Calendar module allows for creating and updating of various HOA events. This calendar can be distributed as a URL or embedded on the website to keep the community informed about the various events.

HOA Calendar
HOA Calendar

13. Membership Cards with QR Codes

QR Coded Member Cards allows for quick authentication and remote management of information for a gated community or entry into pools or other community events.

HOA Membership Cards
HOA Membership Cards

14. Vendor Management

Store all your HOA Vendors information which are contracted with your HOA. Upload vendor invoices and post billing directly to accounts.

HOA Vendor Management
HOA Vendor Management

15. Versatile Reporting

In RunHOA, reports can be printed in various document types. Reports can be printed in detailed, summarized or graph formats.

HOA Reports
HOA Reports

16. Role-Based Security

RunHOA has role-based access control(RBAC) or role-based security which is an approach to restricting system access to authorized users only.

HOA Role Based Security
Role Based Security for HOA

In Conclusion

Everything works smoothly when everything is in order, and we made sure our HOA Management software does it too.  Including all online entries, communication with home owners, keeping the books, managing calendar of events  and maintaining the website easily.

RunHOA was developed for the betterment of our communities. We will keep on improving it, adding features, providing value  and keeping pace with the future technology.

You can use RunHOA free for 30 days until you feel that you definitely need to replace your existing HOA software and bring more value to your processes. We guarantee you that you will not only like our state of the art system, but you will also see the tremendous value it will bring to your HOA.

And the best part it is, you no longer have to pay per unit for software or invest in multiple software systems. It is a fixed annual fee of $399 for all features and unlimited units.

RunHOA delivers a comprehensive HOA Management solution designed to optimize HOA operations. It ensures financial clarity, facilitates effortless communication, and streamlines management workflows. The HOA platform’s intuitive design, coupled with its versatile features, caters specifically to the varied requirements of homeowners’ associations. By enhancing administrative effectiveness, it supports the cultivation of a well-connected and harmonious community.

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