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HOA Accounting is the choice for HOA Treasurers

RunHOA Finance Manager is not just an HOA Accounting and Budgeting software; it’s a game-changer for HOA treasurers. Tailored specifically for the unique needs of HOA financial management, it empowers treasurers to overcome challenges and enhances the accuracy and efficiency of financial operations. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, RunHOA is the go-to choice for HOA bookkeeping software and accounting excellence.

HOA Accounting

14 Compelling Reasons to Choose RunHOA for HOA Accounting:

1. Ease of Implementation

Get started quickly with a ready-to-use template, simplifying the setup process.

HOA Accounting Features

2. Accessible Online Accounting

Monitor your HOA’s financials anytime, anywhere, on any device.

3. Insightful Finance Dashboard

The HOA Finance Dashboard provides HOA Treasurers with an instant visual representation of their financials. It allows for effective cash management, and enables to track expenses in detail to meet and outperform financial objectives of your Home Owner Association. Also the dashboard with graphs ensures shared financial comprehension and engagement among board members. The Treasurer’s Dashboard includes Bank Balances and Income Summary

HOA Financial Dashboard

4. Simplified Chart of Accounts

The chart of accounts is exactly that: a map of your Home Owner Association and its various financial parts. RunHOA allows a well-designed chart of accounts and make it easy to figure out which transactions get recorded in which account. You can get started within minutes by easy entry of your Bank, Income and Expenses Accounts.

HOA Chart of Accounts

5. Effortless Budgeting

With HOA Budgeting all financial decisions is easier than ever. Just select the account and enter the amounts for the financial year. You can present a well designed budget to your Board with summaries and charts within minutes.

HOA Budgeting

6. Unlimited Transactions

Record all your deposits, withdrawals, and transfers without limitations, and visualize them through summaries and charts.

HOA Deposits or HOA Income
HOA Expenses

7. Streamlined Bank Reconciliation

Quickly reconcile your books with bank statements, identifying and resolving discrepancies with ease.

HOA Bank Reconciliation

8. Detailed Bank Register

Keep track of all banking activities accurately and efficiently.

HOA Bank Register

9. Flexible Transaction Reports

Generate customized reports to meet all your HOA’s reporting needs.. No other Accounting Software is capable of doing that.

HOA Transaction Reports

10. Clear Income Statement

View your income statements easily at any point in time. Have it shown with with or without Budget columns. See it graphically with visual charts and summaries. Role Based Security allows to distribute online only the Income Statement to your HOA Members. The Income Statement just like any other Financial Report can be easily exported to a PDF, Excel or Word documents. The Columns feature allows you to pick and choose the display the columns you want to see on the Income Statement so you can have the perfect HOA Treasurer’s Report.

HOA Income Statement

11. Informative Balance Sheet

The balance sheet offers the quickest and easiest snapshot of your HOA finances. It lists down your organization’s assets and liabilities. Check your balance sheet to get a feel for the financial strength of your community association.

HOA Balance Sheet

12. Simplified Tax Reporting

RunHOA automates the population of amounts on the various lines of your 1120HTax Form.

13. Advanced Reporting & Dashboard

Access detailed reports with options for PDF, Word, and Excel formats, including summaries and graphs for deeper insights. Derive better insights from the valuable information in your core financials with the Dashboard.

13. HOA Owner Portal

Share key financial reports with board members, owners, and accountants in a secure, read-only format.

14. Comprehensive Help and Support

Benefit from extensive help resources to ensure smooth operation and understanding of all features.

RunHOA’s Finance Manager is more than an accounting tool; it’s a comprehensive solution designed for the modern HOA treasurer. Its intuitive design, coupled with powerful reporting and dashboard capabilities, ensures that every aspect of your HOA’s finances is managed with precision and ease.

Choose RunHOA Finance Manager for a streamlined, effective, and insightful financial management experience. Ready to transform your HOA’s financial operations? Explore RunHOA today and see the difference it can make in your community.

Check out the Demo Account here

HOA Finance Manager is a feature of RunHOA by CloudInfoSystems