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HOA Document Management: Centralize, Access, and Share with Ease

Harness the power of RunHOA’s robust document management system to streamline the organization and accessibility of all your HOA documents. Our platform is expertly designed to be the one-stop solution for storing and managing a diverse range of documents, including governing documents, newsletters, meeting minutes, policy documents, and various HOA forms..

Centralize all your HOA documents in one secure location, making it easier to access and manage important records.

Variety of Document Types:

Catering to all your needs, RunHOA allows the storage and organization of various document types:

1. Newsletters

Upload and categorize newsletters, keeping members informed about community updates.

2. Meeting Minutes

Store and organize meeting minutes for easy retrieval and reference.

3. Governing Documents

Upload governing documents for easy access by HOA owners, ensuring transparency and compliance.

Benefit from a secure platform that protects your documents while providing 24/7.

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HOA Documents is a feature by RunHOA from CloudInfoSystems