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HOA Communications

Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling complex email lists for your HOA communications. Our Email Blast feature simplifies the process, allowing you to effortlessly select a group (owners, board members, officers, committee chairs, volunteers and vendors) and dispatch your message with a single click. Plus, administrators have full control over who is granted the privilege to send emails, ensuring secure and authorized use of the system.

Unlock the power of direct communication with RunHOA’s Email Blast. This robust feature is your gateway to engaging every member of your HOA with ease. Whether it’s the latest community news, invitations to the annual meeting, or crucial updates, our Email Blast tool ensures your message lands right in the inbox of those who matter.

Craft impactful emails that resonate with your HOA community. Choose from a variety of templates, or customize your own for any occasion. Target your audience, from board members to all residents, and personalize each message for maximum effect. With RunHOA, your voice becomes the herald of community spirit.

Annual General Meeting Template
Newsletter Template

Welcome Message Template
Dues Notice Template

Sending Email to HOA Owners, Board/Officers, Committees etc

Choose a template, pick the appropriate Email Group, and then either select specific recipients from the email list or opt to send your message to the entire group with ease.

With RunHOA’s Email Blast, you’re not just sending emails; you’re building a connected and informed community. It’s not only about announcements; it’s about fostering a sense of belonging among your members.

Experience the difference with RunHOA – where communities come together, one email at a time.

Check out the Demo Account here

HOA Email Blast is a feature of RunHOA by CloudInfoSystems