HOA Request and Approval

RunHOA has a seamless online HOA request and approval process that lets HOA Owners send their requests to HOA Management and they can easily review and sign off on requests, proposals, and projects.

5 Steps of the HOA Request and Approval Process

1. Submit a Request

RunHOA HOA Request Form

2. HOA Board/Committee receives the Request

RunHOA HOA Requests Log

3. HOA Board/Committee reviews the Request.

RunHOA HOA Request Form Reviewed

4. HOA Board/Committee approves or denies the Request

RunHOA HOA Request Form Approved

5. HOA Owner gets the notification

RunHOA HOA Request Log with updated status

In Conclusion

  • RunHOA allows you to have a workflow for the submission of request forms for your HOA Owners.
  • The HOA Board/Committee can approve or deny the request online
  • Analytical Reports for the HOA Requests received.

Check out the Demo Account here

HOA Requests and Approvals is a feature of RunHOA by CloudInfoSystems