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HOA Board Meeting: Rules of Attending a Board Meeting

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HOA Board Meeting

If you are a HOA Board Member then you have a right to attend and observe the HOA Board meetings, and it is your responsibility to ensure that you are properly informed and educated about the upcoming meetings so that you can participate fully in your community’s decision-making process. If you’ve never attended a Board of Directors meeting then you are not taking advantage of your right to observe and participate in the decision-making process that protects, preserves and enhances your community’s assets and, ultimately, your property values.

HOA Board of Directors

HOA Board of Directors are charged with maintaining, preserving and enhancing the common assets of our association. In order to perform those duties our Board depends upon the advice and counsel of experts in various fields of community association management: our management company, attorneys, landscapers, insurance specialists, etc. When making decisions regarding our community, the Board is expected to consider all the facts and factors involved in the issue and make the best business decision possible. Sometimes those decisions may not appear to be in the best interests of all of the owners, however if each owner understood all of the underlying issues that go into making the decision, they would understand that the board’s choice of action is usually the most practical and well thought out.

In addition to dealing with insurance, maintenance, financial and contractual decisions, the board must also balance their positions on the board with their role as a homeowner. If assessments are increased that means they are increased for them also. If rules are enacted, that means they have to obey them, too. Being a boardmember does not grant one immunity from the responsibilities of living in an association. In fact, serving on the board reflects just how seriously they take that responsibility. So, please keep in mind that our board members are actually doing “double-duty” for our community: they serve as boardmember and neighbor…and they deserve a heartfelt “thank you” for all of their contributions to our community

HOA Board Meetings

HOA Board meetings are a vital part of every community’s government. They provide an opportunity for members to express their opinions and concerns, and they are a venue for the Hoa Board to set policies and make decisions that have long-term implications for the property. It is important that you attend these meetings, and that you do so well informed and prepared.

What You Need To Know Before Attending Your HOA Board Meeting

There are four basic rules of attending a HOA Board meeting:

1. You must attend the meeting at the designated time and location.

2. You must be properly informed about the upcoming meeting so that you can participate fully.

3. You must be prepared to participate in the discussion and participate in the decision-making process.

4. You must be respectful of the board members, the property and the process.

What To Bring To Your HOA Board Meeting

Bring the following items to the meeting:

1. Your HOA Board meeting agenda.

2. Your HOA Board meeting minutes from the previous meeting.

3. Your HOA Board meeting packet of any correspondence sent to you about the meeting.

4. Your HOA Board meeting packet of any correspondence sent to you about the previous meeting.

5. If you have any questions regarding the agenda, minutes or correspondence, you may want to bring a copy of that information.

6. Any documents you may want to read out loud at the meeting.

7. Anything else that you think might be useful for the meeting.

What Not To Bring To Your HOA Board Meeting

Don’t bring the following items to your HOA Board meeting:

1. Nothing that might distract the board members from the meeting.

2. Nothing that might interfere with the meeting process and the board members’ ability to do their jobs.

3. Nothing you want to discuss with the board members in private.

4. Anything that might be considered threatening or offensive.

The Following Rules Of Conduct Apply To All HOA Board Meetings

1. Write down everything that’s said in the meeting so you can refer to it if you want to ask a question at a later date.

2. Always wear a proper attire to a HOA Board meeting.

3. Be punctual.

4. Don’t be rude to the HOA Board president.

5. Don’t bring food or drink to the meeting.

6. Share in the discussions.

7. Be respectful of the other guests at the meeting.

8. Don’t interrupt the HOA Board president when he’s speaking.

9. Don’t speak unless you’re called on.

10. Don’t ask questions that have already been discussed.

In Conclusion

Learning about your HOA is a critical part of becoming a knowledgeable participant in the community’s decision-making process. Most of the business decisions made at a board meeting have a direct impact on the property values of our community. Decisions regarding association maintenance items are the most common. Some decisions have an indirect effect, such as decisions regarding rules and regulations and financial operations. But whether they effect property values directly or indirectly they all have some impact on our community and as a member of the community, they impact you.

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