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RunHOA Pricing

Fixed Annual Pricing for All Features

  • HOA Directories Units, Members, Officers, Vendors
  • Member Portal Owners have their own portals
  • HOA Accounting Designed for HOA's
  • HOA Budgeting Designed for HOA's
  • HOA Dues/Payments Collect dues/Flexible Fee Tables
  • Tax Form Generate 1120H Tax Form
  • Online Requests and Approvals Member Requests with Online Board Approvals
  • Expense Forms Submit online Expense Forms
  • HOA Communications Email/Texting
  • HOA Calendar Display HOA Events
  • E-Voting Online Voting
  • Member Cards QR Coded Membership Cards
  • Website Builder Easily Build your HOA Website
  • Documents Store/Display Governing Docs,Newsletters. Minutes
  • Unlimited Units and Users
  • User Security Access restricted to Security Roles
  • Stripe Payment Gateway Easy Fee Collection
  • Knowledebase Easy Help
  • 24/7 Access Availability
  • Free Trial for 30 Days No Credit Card Required
  • Support Email/Phone/Text/Online Tickets