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Vendor Log

The RunHOA Vendor Log is a feature within the RunHOA software designed to manage interactions with vendors. It serves as a record-keeping tool that tracks all vendor-related activities, such as submitted invoices and payment statuses.

Click on ‘Vendor Log’ in the Vendors section to view a log of all vendor-related activities.

  • The log displays entries with vendor names, descriptions of expenses, submission dates, amounts, and payment statuses.
  • You can filter entries for specific vendors or dates using the ‘Quick search’ function.

  1. To process an expense, select an entry from the log.
  2. Review the expense details, including invoices attached as PDFs.
  3. If the board approves the payment, select ‘Yes’ under ‘Payment Approved’.
  4. Choose ‘Post’ to finalize the transaction, and select the corresponding bank account.
  5. Enter any additional details required, such as the check number and payment date.
  6. Click ‘Save’ to update the log with the processed payment details.

Here’s how it look as a expense in the financials after the posting is done.

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