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Every homeowner within an HOA is obligated to contribute dues, commonly referred to as HOA Fees. RunHOA offers a comprehensive, start-to-finish system for the collection of these dues.

Dues Collection Process

RunHOA provides a suite of tools designed to facilitate the management of HOA dues efficiently. Here’s an overview of the features available:

  • Owner Invoice: Generate and manage invoices for each homeowner, detailing their dues and any other charges.
  • Create Fees: Set up and define the fee structures applicable to homeowners, which can include regular dues, special assessments, or other charges.
  • Apply Fees: Assign the created fees to homeowners, either on a recurring basis or as one-time charges.
  • Send Email: Communicate with homeowners by sending out notifications regarding dues, statements, and reminders for unpaid fees.
  • Dues Log: Maintain a record of all dues-related transactions, providing a clear audit trail and financial history.
  • Apply Checks: Process and record check payments received from homeowners towards their dues.
  • Aging Report: Review outstanding dues with an aging report that categorizes unpaid fees based on how long they have been overdue.
  • Dashboard: Access a centralized dashboard that offers a snapshot of the overall dues collection status, including recent transactions and outstanding balances.

Each of these features contributes to a comprehensive approach to HOA dues collection, ensuring that homeowners are billed accurately and payments are tracked meticulously.

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