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How to Vote


RunHOA’s E-Voting feature offers a straightforward and secure way for homeowners to participate in HOA elections. This system ensures that votes are cast confidentially and the results reflect the collective decision of the community. Below is a detailed guide for homeowners on how to vote in the elections using RunHOA.

Process Steps

  • Homeowners should log in to their RunHOA account and navigate to the E-Voting section. Here, they will find the ‘Vote’ option which they need to select to begin the process.

  • Once in the voting section, homeowners will choose the current election they wish to vote in from a dropdown menu, such as the ‘Annual Election 2023’.

  • After selecting the election, the ballot will appear with a list of positions and the corresponding candidates. Homeowners should carefully review the ballot before making their selections.

  • For each position, homeowners must select their preferred candidate. The system typically allows the selection of only one candidate per position unless otherwise specified.
  • If a homeowner selects more candidates than allowed, an error message will appear indicating the mistake, such as “Vote is exceeding required count for President (Select 1 Candidate Only). You have selected 3 candidates instead of 1”.

  • After making the correct selections, the homeowner will click on the ‘Vote’ button to submit their vote.

  • Upon successful submission, a message will confirm that the vote has been recorded, such as “Vote is recorded for this Unit: Alfano6504”.
  • If any errors occurred during the selection process, homeowners must correct these before the system will accept and record their vote.
  • Once the vote is recorded, the homeowner cannot vote again for the selected election.

The RunHOA E-Voting system is designed to make the voting process as easy and accessible as possible for all homeowners. By following the steps outlined above, homeowners can ensure that their voices are heard and their votes are counted in the decision-making process of their HOA community. After voting, participants are encouraged to check the results after the published results date to see the outcome of the election.

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