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Apply the fees to selected units or select all of them.

Click on Apply Fees

Select the Fee and apply to one or all of the units.

The fee will be applied only once to the selected units. If some units have not paid yet, you can rerun it by selecting those units and the late fee willl be applied to them, if applicable. If there is a discount, it will applied to the selected units.

Select Fee
The Fee selected here will be applied to all the selected units below.

When this process is run before the Due Date:
Fees applied before the Due Date will have Discount if it is not 0 applied to the Unit.

When this process is run after the Due Date:
Fees applied after the Due Date will not have Discount applied to the selected unit.
If a Fee with Discount had been applied earlier to the Units, and the fee is still due the discount will be removed after the due date.

When this process is run after the Late Date:
If a Fee had been applied earlier and it is still due, a late fee will be applied to the unit.

Select Units
The selected fee will be applied to all the units selected here.
Only units with active owners will be allowed to be selected.
You can select 1, more than 1 or all the units to whom the fees need to be applied to.

You can apply the fees only once to the unit.

Fees applied will include Discount if any to the selected unit.

After clicking on Apply Fee, you will get the following message if fees are applied.

Invoice added to the Member Portal

After the fee is applied, the selected units and owners will have a invoice created in the dues log.

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