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Dashboard Purpose: The Financial Dashboard in RunHOA is designed to give users a quick and comprehensive overview of the organization’s financial status. It is a visual representation of various financial metrics for a specific fiscal year, in this case, FY 2020 for Demo Valley HOA.

  • Bank Account Balances: This section lists the current balances of different bank accounts associated with the HOA. It allows users to see at a glance the amount of funds available in each account.
  • Income/Expense Summary: Here, users can view the total income and expenses categorized by different account types such as HOA dues and fees, general and administrative expenses, landscaping expenses, etc.
  • Graphical Representations:
    • Bank Balances Bar Chart: A visual bar chart displaying the balance in each bank account, giving a clear picture of where the funds are distributed.
    • Income/Expense Pie Chart: This chart shows the proportion of income to expenses, providing a visual comparison between the two for quick assessment of financial health.
  • PDF Export: The PDF button allows users to export the data shown on the dashboard into a PDF document for sharing, presenting, or printing.
  • Grand Summary: At the bottom of each section, a grand summary line provides the total balance for bank accounts and the net amount for income and expenses, summarizing the overall financial standing.

  • This dashboard is a vital tool for board members, financial officers, and HOA managers to monitor the health of the organization’s finances.
  • It is meant for quick reviews and can be used in presentations or meetings to convey the financial status without delving into the detailed reports.
  • The visual elements like charts help in understanding complex financial data easily and can assist in making informed decisions based on current financial trends.

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