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Creating the Annual Budget

The budget is a financial representation of the goals, activities and operations a HOA expects to conduct during a specified period.

Every HOA needs to do budget for the financial year and send it out to its members annually.
RunHOA makes it very easy to create a Annual Budget.

The Budget Report can be displayed/printed, summarized, charted..any way you want it.

Click on the Budget option will bring up the budget screen.

You can enter/update the budget for each Income and Expense line items by clicking on Add Budget

Clicking on Add New  allows you to add a budget line item for the year.

Select from the drop down list of accounts which you want a budget amount for. Enter the Amount. And then click on the Check icon to save the budget for the line item.

Clicking on Summary will give you a Summarized view

Clicking on the Graph Icons will display a Chart

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