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Aging Report

The Aging Report in RunHOA is a financial tool that provides a snapshot of outstanding dues, categorized by the length of time the invoice has been unpaid. This report helps the HOA manage its receivables and identify delinquencies early.

Click ‘Aging Report’ under the HOA Dues menu to view outstanding dues categorized by age.

Understanding the Aging Report

  • The report will display dues broken down into time frames: 0 – 30 days, 31 – 60 days, 61 – 90 days, and over 90 days.
  • Each unit’s outstanding fees are listed under the relevant time period column.
  • The report helps in identifying which dues are current, nearing due, or overdue.

  • Regularly check the report to monitor dues and follow up with unit owners as necessary.
  • Use the ‘Display/Print’ option for physical records or meetings.
  • The ‘Quick search’ function can help you find specific entries fast.

Note: Proactive management using the Aging Report can improve the HOA’s cash flow and reduce the incidence of unpaid dues.

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