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1120H Tax Form


RunHOA includes a feature that simplifies the preparation and presentation of the 1120-H tax form, which is a U.S. income tax return for Homeowners Associations (HOAs). This feature is designed to streamline the tax reporting process by categorizing income and expenses according to their relevant 1120-H tax codes and automatically displaying the organization’s financial data on the 1120-H form.

  • Income and Expense Categorization: Within RunHOA’s chart of accounts, each income and expense account can be assigned an appropriate 1120-H code to ensure accurate tax reporting.
  • Automated Tax Calculation: RunHOA automates the calculation of taxes, integrating financial data into the 1120-H tax form.
  • Pre-filled Forms: HOA information, such as Employer Identification Number (EIN), formation date, and organization type, is pre-filled on the form.

  1. Categorization: Assign the correct 1120-H code to each income and expense account in the chart of accounts.
  2. Running the Report: Activate the 1120-H form feature within the Finance Module to generate the form.
  3. Review and Edit: Check the pre-filled form for accuracy and completeness, making edits where necessary.
  4. Finalization: Use the automatically calculated and displayed data to finalize the tax return for submission.

  1. Navigate to the chart of accounts in the Finance Module.
  2. Select the account you wish to categorize and assign the corresponding 1120-H tax code from the provided list, ensuring it matches the type of income or expense.

  1. Access the 1120-H form from the Financials section.
  2. The system will automatically calculate the taxes based on the categorized accounts and display the data on the 1120-H form.

  • Verify that the EIN, date association formed, and organization type are correct.
  • Ensure that income and expense figures are accurately reflected in the corresponding lines of the form.

  • Consistent Categorization: Make sure all transactions are categorized consistently for accurate tax reporting.
  • Regular Review: Periodically review the chart of accounts to ensure that all new accounts are properly assigned a 1120-H code.
  • Stay Informed: Keep updated with the latest tax regulations to ensure that the correct codes are being used.

The 1120-H tax form feature in RunHOA is designed to assist HOAs in efficiently preparing their tax returns, ensuring compliance with tax laws, and reducing the complexity of tax preparation.

IRS Form 1120H Instructions

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